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Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
All basic organization information easily accessible (IRS Form 990, Annual Report, financial statements, fees & services, board & staff members’ names)
Clear brand
Confidentiality Policies & Procedures
Crisis Management Plan
Distinguish between personal opinion & organizational positions
Ethics Standards
External communications/public relations/media plan
Graphic standards
Grievance policy & procedures
Internal communication policies & procedures
Policy & procedures for developing statements & positions on issues
Privacy policy
Social media policy
Spokesperson(s) authorized to make public statements


Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Formative evaluation plan & systems
Outcome evaluation plan & systems
Program evaluation plan & systems
Assess evaluation practices & modify as needed
Process for sharing results with the public
Solicit stakeholder input/feedback

Financial Management

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Appropriate use of benchmarks/industry standards
Audit committee policies & procedures
Board-approved, written financial management policies & procedures
Board-approved, written investment plan
Board-approved, written risk management plan
Bookkeeping software
Cash flow projection
Contract management policies & procedures (bidding system, contracts, evaluation & monitoring tools)
Documentation from donors when restricted funds are received
Documentation of accounting policies and systems—meet Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and/or Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) requirements
Expense reimbursement policy & procedures, including cash @dvance
Financial reserve policy (target of 3-6 months)
Investment policy
Mail handling & receipt of funds procedures
Petty cash policy
Prohibition on loans to key employees
Spending limits policy


Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Case statement
Donor database (contributions/restrictions)
Fund development plan
Fundraising budget & system to track expenditures
Individual donor requirements (if the organization has individual donors)
Policy for donor stewardship
Written contracts with fundraising consultants


Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Annual report
Board attendance policy
Board calendar (meetings & organizational events)
Board giving policy (100% of board members should give)
Board member handbook—policies & procedures including, but not limited to:
Board member recruitment, selection, orientation, training plans
Board self-assessment plan & forms
Board terms, rotation & removal (bylaws)
Chief executive hiring & assessment/evaluation plan
Committee charter(s)
Committee descriptions (purpose, structure, goals, activities, person responsible)
Committee policy handbooks
Compensation documentation (executive & other staff) Note: See IRS information on “rebuttable presumption” for more details on what to have.
Disaster recovery plan
Executive evaluation plan
Leadership succession & transition plan (including board & staff leadership)
Organizational chart
Process for determining chief executive compensation
Risk evaluation & management systems

Human Resources

Personnel Files

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Application with original employee signature
Background check documentation, if applicable
Documentation of disciplinary action signed by employee
Documentation of other conditions for employment (i.e., drug test results, certifications, etc.)
Documentation of receipt of Employee Policies & Procedures Manual
Driving records/proof of insurance (as necessary)
Emergency contact information
Hire letter or contract
Performance appraisals signed by employee
Professional development plan
Records of salary increases
Reference check documentation

Policies, Procedures & Key Documents

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Alcohol/drug-free workplace policy
Break policy, including lunch
Compensation documentation for all employees
Confidentiality/non-disclosure/non-compete policies & procedures
Disciplinary action & involuntary termination policies
Diversity plan/cultural competency
Expense reimbursement
Grievance/conflict resolution policies & procedures
Hiring & interview procedures
Inclement weather policy & procedures
Intellectual property policy
Nonsmoking policy
Office hours, work week, hours worked
Organizational chart
Orientation, training & evaluation procedures
Outside employment policy
Performance appraisal policies & procedures
Professionalism/code of conduct
Reference request policy
Return of property upon departure/termination
Review to determine that all employee interview questions are legal
Salary scales & compensation philosophy
Standards & policies for working with contractual employees & consultants—guidelines for selection, hiring & monitoring
Technology/equipment access & use policies
Travel policy
Volunteer engagement plan

Information Technology

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Data collection system—to support continuous improvement & evaluation
Database, searchable by strategic constituent groups
Funded equipment depreciation to allow for necessary technology upgrades
Hardware, software & vendor inventory
Monitor IT developments
Technology assessment & plan
Technology budget, including maintenance & upgrades
Technology training plan (staff & volunteers)


Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Advocacy plan
Comprehensive organizational plan—including operations, program strategies, fundraising, financial management/budgeting procedures, communications, risk/crisis management
Data backup & recovery plan
Disaster recovery plan
Executive/leadership transition plan
Fund development plan (diversification of funds)
Marketing & communication plan
Operational or business plan
Organizational assessment/environmental scan
Periodic review of mission, vision, values
Risk & disaster management systems
Strategic plan
Sustainability plan
Technology plan
Values statement
Mission statement

Public Policy & Advocacy

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Constituent engagement plan
Monitor public policy climate
Advocate on behalf of policies you believe in
Provide appropriate training/information to organizational advocates
Written public policy & advocacy policy/plan

Strategic Alliances

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Accreditation information (if applicable)
Foster relationships with prospective community partners
Share information, best practices, lessons learned
Written policies & procedures for all collaborative relationships

Transparency & Accountability

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Confidentiality policies & procedures (all constituents)
Meeting agendas & descriptions of significant decisions made by the board of directors (publicly available)
Information about fees & services provided (publicly available)

Volunteer Engagement

Yes No In Progress Not Applicable Not Sure
Grievance policy & procedure
Performance review
Recruitment plan